Independent Learning Days and Storm Days
Independent Learning Days and Storm Days

For every Independent Learning Day or storm day, you'll come right here to this page for student assignment information.  It's your one-stop shop!

Independent Learning Day:

PreK: 12-10-18 ILD.docx


Math worksheets  on shapes.  Read your library book, write the title, author, illustrator, draw a picture of the characters and setting from the story and write sentences explaining what happened in the story.

Work on My Lexia, ABC Mouse, (Alphabet Bubble, ABC Order, 100 Snowballs, Counting fish) and/or Mobymax

Grade 1: Teachers sent home a worksheet packet.
Also, don't forget to read and prepare for AR tests, study sight words, and continue with regular homework activities.

Mrs. Lockett-Brown:

Students should complete the math, writing, and science sheets that was sent home. Please read for a minimum of 20 minutes. Allow your child to show you how to complete a story map using the book they read. Please refer to class dojo for any further information. 

Grade 2:Teachers sent home a worksheet packet.

Grades 3-5: Your child will log into itsLearning (or another system if specified by teacher) for the assignment.