Parent Pledge

As the students enter the doorways of Peek’s Chapel Elementary we are committed to maximizing their education, safety and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to creating a well rounded child. We also know that we cannot do this task alone. Research indicates that a child is bound to be more successful academically and socially if there is a strong relationship between the school and home.
This year Peek’s Chapel Elementary is determined to bridge the gap between home and school. We believe that all stakeholders play a pertinent role in nurturing individuals resulting in a prosperous and productive community. We have witnessed that when individuals commit to volunteering at our school, great things happen. For this school year we are asking that each parent/guardian (not excluding grandparents and other members of the community), commit to giving at least 10 hours of their time to assisting in our school. If you think about it, volunteering 10 hours is only giving up 1 hour of your time to your child’s school once a month. Some of the activities you can assist with are:
  • Working in small groups
  • Tutoring a child
  • Mentoring a child
  • Reading to a class
  • Helping the teacher with a variety of activities (arts and crafts, math games, assisting a child with a computer game, preparing a bulletin board, etc.)

Please download the Peek’s Parent Pledge Letter below, fill in the required information and return it to your child’s teacher. The Parent Resource Room will house varying activities that teachers might need help with and a volunteer log. The Peek’s Chapel Family welcomes your expertise, energy and time. More information will be forthcoming when we receive the slip below.


Thank you,
Kelly Griffin
Assistant Principal