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School Supply List
school supplyClick here for printable 2017-18 PCE School Supplies List.
PCE School Supply List


2- boxes of facial tissues
1- container of hand sanitizer
1-composition book
1- roll of paper towels
2- package of napkins (for snack)
2- containers of cleaning wipes
1-box of band-aids 
1 bag cough drops
1-change of clothes
I can of Lysol spray
Book bag  (rolling ones don't fit in cubbies)
Towel or small blanket 
(mats will be provided to rest on)


1- book bag – large enough to put a winter coat in and easy for your child to open (please no rolling backpacks, due to space)
2- large boxes of facial tissues
1- package of gallon size bags with sliders 
1- package of quart size bags with slider 
6- packs of #2 wooden pencils
5- boxes of 24 count crayons
12- glue sticks
1- pair of scissors
1- pack of erasers Block or pencil top
1- pencil case (no pouches)
2- primary writing tablets (no spirals)
1- box of Lysol/Clorox wipes
2- packs of copy paper
1 pack- dry erase makers 
1 set watercolor paint (8-12 color set)
2-large boxes of tissues
1 box band-aids
1 bag cough drops
1 set of earbuds


24 - #2 pencils 
(no personal or designer pencils)
4 - 24 pack of crayons
4-plastic pocket and prong folders 
3-composition book (wide ruled)
2- reams of copy paper
4-hand held erasers
1-pair of scissors
6- large glue sticks (1.30 oz.)
1- package dry erase markers
1- bottle of hand soap
2 -bottle of hand sanitizer
2- boxes of tissue
1 box band aids
1 set of earbuds/headphones
1-pack gallon size bags 
1-pack of quart size bags
1-box of pencil top erasers
2- containers of Clorox wipes
1- can of Lysol spray 

Wish List:  See your child’s individual teacher for a specific classroom wish list.


12 glue sticks (Large 1.30 oz.)
1 bottle of Elmer’s Glue
24 Sharpened pencils
1 pencil case/box
5 boxes of 24 count crayons
6 composition notebooks (no spirals, wide ruled)
4 boxes of tissue
4 canisters of Clorox wipes
2 rolls of paper towels
1 box of Quart sized Ziplock baggies
1 box of Gallon sized Ziplock baggies
1 pack of colored pencils
1 package of highlighters
1 pack of pencil top erasers
1 pack of dry erase markers
1 set of earbuds/headphones
1 box of band-aids
1 bag of cough drops
$7.00 Specials fee
$5.00 Agenda fee
1 Great positive attitude ready and excited to learn!! We’re going to have a PHENOMENAL year together!


4- thick packages of White Notebook Paper (no college ruled, please).
5- Packs of #2 pencils (standard wooden pencils),
2 boxes – 24 count crayons.
4- Boxes of Facial Tissue.
6- Marble Composition Notebooks.
1 pk 3 ring divider indexes.
1- pkg. of Colored Wooden Pencils.
2- zippered Pencil Holder- (no boxes)
6- packages Glue Sticks
4- highlighters (multi-colors)
1 pair child safety scissors
2 –pocket folders with fasteners
2-Waterless Hand Sanitizer
1-4 pack of Dry Erase Markers
2-Boxes of Baggies 
(small zip lock and gallon size)
2- bottles of Hand Soap
2- pack of paper towels
2- Reams of Copy Paper 
1- container of Clorox wipes
2 boxes band aids
1 bag cough drops
2 set of earbuds
Agenda (required)
Special Fee - $7 (for grade specific materials)


5 - composition notebooks (wide ruled) 
1 - 1” 3-ring binder 
2 - packs of lined paper (wide ruled) 
1 - pencil pouch 
3 - packs of pencils (No mechanical pencils) 
1 - hand held pencil sharpener 
1 - box of 24 crayons 
1 - set of colored pencils 
1 - pair of student safety scissors 
4 - glue sticks 
2 - packages of dry erase markers (one pack of thin and one standard size) 
1 - flash drive
1 - set of earbuds
2 - reams of white printer paper 
3 - bottles of hand sanitizer 
3 - boxes of facial tissue 
1 - pack of Lysol wipes/disinfectant 
1 - Lysol Spray 
1 - box of Band-Aids  
1 - box of quart size Ziploc style bags 
3 - packs of paper towels 


6-composition notebooks
1- 5 subject notebook
4- thick packages of White Notebook Paper (no college ruled, please)
1-Pencil zip pouch (no boxes)
# 2 wooden pencils (no mechanical please)
1-box 24 crayons
1-box color pencils
1-pack (3) glue sticks
1-bottle glue
1-bottle hand sanitizer 12 oz.
2-packs sticky notes
2-dry erase markers (student use)
3- pocket/prong folders
2-boxes facial tissue
1 box band aids
1 bag cough drops
1-flash drive
1-hole reinforcers
Optional: pocket spelling dictionary
1 set of earbuds
REMINDER: A minimum of 5 project boards (3 Tri-Fold) will be required during the course of the school year.

Clinic Wish List:

Sandwich or Snack Bags
Lysol Spray
Lysol or Clorox Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Liquid Soap
Paper Towels
Cough Drops