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Title I is a federal support program for schools that meet several criteria.  As a Title I school, Peek's Chapel agrees to meet several standards in order to receive additional funding that go to support our instructional program.

Please Share your Feedback about our PCE  Title I
Parent and Family Engagement Survey

Title I Parent Involvement Set Aside Funds

PCE needs your help in planning programs and services that will serve you and your children. All parents of children receiving Title I services have the opportunity to provide input into how the required 1% set aside parent involvement funds will be budgeted. Please contact Mrs. Michelle Anderson, Parent Liaison,  with your ideas or suggestions. Also see this survey link: 

Title I Parent Input Survey - 1% Set Aside Funds

Michelle Anderson
(770)761-1842 ext 19132

Important Title I Documents

PCE School-Parent Compact FY20-21 (PDF)
PCE School-Parent Compact FY20-21 (Word)

PCE Parent &Family Engagement Plan FY20-21 (PDF)
PCE Parent &Family Engagement Plan FY20-21 (Word)

FY20-21 RCPS DISTRICT Parent & Family Engagement Plan 20-21

Parent Right to Know